The transcript for Copy Clone.


One Saturday, Lisa was going through her old inventions left at her parents' house.

Lisa: Ah-ha! I found it! The cloning machine!

Lisa manically laughed.

An hour later, Lisa was at home. She made multiple copies of herself.

Lisa: Okay. So, Lisa clone 1, go bug Darcy.

A Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: And Lisa clone 2, go help Hugh Jr with his physics presentation.

Another Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: Lisa clone 3, go to Lily's place and ruin her other baby "treasures" that she kept all these years!

Another Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: And finally, Lisa clone 4, go get a strand of Hugh's DNA.

The last Lisa clone nodded it's head.

Lisa: Ha! Finally! Now I'll be supreme ruler of the world... AFTER... I clone myself a million more times!

Lisa maniacally laughed.

Meanwhile, at Lily's apartment...

Lily: Wow. Just a quiet day watching cute baby videos.

There was knocking at the door.

Lily: Come in!!

The 3rd Lisa clone came in.

Lily: Wow! Lisa, what a surprise!

Lisa clone 3: Yes. I figured, I could come over here and see how my younger sister is doing.

Lily: Well... I just sorted out all of my keepsakes... And now I'm watching cute baby videos!

Lisa clone 3: Fascinating. Where do you keep your keepsakes?

Lily: In my room. Duh.

The Lisa clone went to Lily's room and took all of Lily's keepsakes and hid them in a trash bag.

The Lisa clone came out.

Lily: What do you have here?

Lisa clone 3: Not much. I gotta go.

Lily: Okay! See ya.

Meanwhile, in Hugh Jr's room...

The 3rd Lisa clone entered.

Hugh Jr: Oh, hey Mom. I'm having some difficulties with my new school project.

Lisa clone 2: Say no more. It's a physics presentation.

Hugh Jr: How'd you know? I would like to make a better one than Chad. He told me he's been studying like crazy... Which is strange.

Lisa clone 2: It is strange... But I'd be glad to help.

The Lisa clone began helping Hugh Jr.

Meanwhile, at Darcy's home...

David was reading a book while Darcy was stroking his hair.

David: Cut it out, Darcy. I'm reading this college textbook for my medical school classes!

Darcy: I'm sorry, David. Your hair's just SO soft.

David: I'll give you a cookie.

David grabbed a cookie.

David: Here.

Darcy grabbed it and ate it.

Darcy began to look sick.

David smirked.

David: Did I mention that this cookie was in the couch? And it's 30 years old?

Darcy ran to the bathroom and threw up.

The 1st Lisa clone entered.

David: Greetings, Lisa. I just made Darcy throw up.

Lisa clone 1: Impressive... I'm just a clone of Lisa, though. But I grade it an A+!

David: No way! You cloned yourself! I'm talking to a clone... Amazing!

David fainted.

The Lisa clone nudged David.

David got up quickly.

Lisa clone 1: So, I was instructed to bug Darcy...

David: Be your guest. She's puking her brains out. Not that she has much to puke out...

David laughed.

Lisa clone 1: I know. I'll give her my special soap that looks like candy.

David: Oooo. She'd love that. And by love it, she'll be puking all night! Brilliant.

Lisa clone 1: I thought so.

Meanwhile, at Lisa's house in the living room...

Hugh was watching TV.

The 4th Lisa clone snuck up on Hugh with some scissors.

The clone was about to cut a strand of Hugh's hair.

Hugh turned around in surprise.

Hugh: What?! Lisa!! What are you doing with a pair of scissors!?

Lisa clone 4: A little haircut...

Hugh: That's it! I thought you were done with these wacky experiments!

Lisa clone 4: I am. Until I get a strand of hair.

The real Lisa entered.

Lisa: Greetings Hugh. I see that my clone went to get a strand of your hair.

Hugh: LISA! You cloned yourself? Are you CRAZY?!

Lisa: By crazy, do you mean BRILLIANT, then yes.

Hugh: You know what I mean... How many of those clones did you make?

Lisa: Oh... A hundred...

Hugh: A HUNDRED? Really!?

Lisa: Yeah. They invaded OUR room.

Hugh: Oh my god... You lost it now!

Hugh ran to their room and saw 100 clones.

Lisa: There's some more in the laboratory.

Hugh: What laboratory?

Lisa: The one I made during the Loud family reunion last spring. Hello.

Lisa paused.

Lisa: Also, one's with Lily, another's with Hugh Jr, and another's with Darcy.

Hugh: You gotta get rid of those clones and fast.

Lisa: Never! I'm so close to ruling the world!

Hugh: What's more important? World domination... Or me?

Lisa: Uhhh...

Hugh: That's it. I'm out of here.

Hugh left.

Hugh Jr entered.

Hugh Jr: Okay, either I'm losing it, or I just saw two of you, Mom.

Lisa: You're not. But now there's a hundred.

Hugh Jr: REALLY! THAT could be my project! Cloning! Thanks mom!

Lisa: Woah, woah, woah there... You can't do your project on cloning. It's a physics project.

Hugh Jr: Which CHAD never thought of. You're a genius!

Lisa: Well, I can't argue with that logic... But... You're too young to clone yourself.

Hugh Jr: No I'm not! YOU said you cloned yourself since you were SEVEN!

Lisa: True... But no.

Hugh Jr: Come on! I'm 9 now. I can handle it.

Lisa: Ugh. One clone. And that's it.

Hugh Jr: Okay. Okay.

He made one clone of himself from his cloning machine.

Hugh Jr left with his clone.

Lisa: Now I just hope Hugh doesn't find out about this...

Hugh (from the living room): LISA!

Lisa giggled.

Lisa: I guess he did...