Loud House: Next Generation is the spinoff of the Loud House.


This is a series about Lisa Loud's future. She would be married to Hugh with 2 kids, genius Hugh Jr and cutie Alicia.

It would be about her, her siblings, and her kids' lives.

Lisa's future family

The main characters of Loud House: Next Generation. (left-right: Lisa, Hugh, Hugh Jr, and Alicia)




The main character of the series. Lisa is married to Hugh with 2 kids. She works as a doctor and scientist.


Lisa's husband. Hugh works as a college professor. He is very hunky and charming.

Hugh Jr

Lisa and Hugh's son. Hugh Jr is a genius, like his mother. He is 8 years old, but in middle school.


Lisa and Hugh's daughter. Alicia is very charming, like her father. She is 5 years old.



Lisa's friend. Darcy is loyal, yet doesn't know of Lisa's plans. She is also married to David. She works as a realtor, but is also Lisa's lab assistant.


Lisa's best friend. David is very smart and cunning like Lisa. He married Darcy. He works as a science and math teacher at Hugh Jr's middle school.


Lisa's younger sister. Lily isn't a baby anymore, and takes after all her older siblings. She works as a music/art teacher at Hugh Jr's middle school.


Lisa's older sister and twin of Lana. Lola is very girly, prissy, and bratty, much unlike Lana. She works as a pageant dress model, and is very wealthy.


Lisa's older sister and twin of Lola. Lana is very tomboyish, daring, and dirty, much unlike Lola. She works as a car mechanic.


Lisa's older sister. Lucy is very gothic, dreary, and mysterious. She works as a mortician.


Lisa's older brother. Lincoln is the only boy Loud sibling. He works as a comic book animator.


Lisa's older sister. Lynn is very athletic. She works as a gym teacher at Hugh Jr's middle school.


Lisa's older sister. Luan is the comedian of the Loud family. She works as a comedian in her own club, Luan Out Loud.


Lisa's older sister. Luna likes music, rocking out, and playing guitar. She works as a professional musician, touring with her idol, Mick Swagger.


Lisa's older sister. Leni is very clueless, ditzy, and naive. She works as a fashion designer.


Lisa's older sister. Lori is the oldest Loud sibling and is always seen on her phone. She works as an elementary school teacher in Alicia's school.



Lincoln's best friend. Clyde has an intense crush on Lori. He has 2 dads. He works as a comic book animator alongside Lincoln.


Lori's husband. Bobby is very loyal, and is always referred to as "Bobby Boo-Boo Bear" by Lori. He has many odd jobs around the community.

Ronnie Anne

Lincoln's wife. Ronnie Anne is very tough, yet motherly. She works as a waitress.

Rita & Lynn Sr

Lisa's parents. Rita & Lynn Sr are fair, yet stern. They are retired grandparents.


Lola's daughter. Ashley is very girly and prissy like her mother. She is Alicia's good friend.

Ryan & Lucas

Alicia's not-so secret admirers. Ryan is Lucy's son, and Lucas is Lori and Bobby's son. They admire everything about Alicia.


Clyde's son. Chad is a bully at Hugh Jr's school, frequently targeting Hugh Jr. He is very unfriendly.


Lincoln and Ronnie Anne's daughter. Lonnie is popular, tough, and friendly. She has a crush on Hugh Jr.


There will be 3 seasons of Loud House: Next Generation.

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