The transcript for Room for 10 More.


It was a stormy night. Lisa was prepared and had the house on lockdown.

The next morning, Lisa received an e-mail from her siblings.

Hugh came in.

Hugh: Good morning, Lisa.

Lisa: Is it? All of my siblings e-mailed me saying that they have nowhere to stay since their houses got struck by the storm.

Hugh: And?

Lisa: They're all moving here until their houses get repaired.

Hugh: Wow.

Hugh Jr and Alicia came in.

Alicia: The weather channel says NO SCHOOL for the week because of the storm! Isn't it great?

Hugh Jr: I normally don't celebrate that, but... It's phenomenal!

Lisa: Yes, yes, yes... But ALL my siblings now have to reside here since their houses got damaged in the storm...

Alicia: More good news!

Lisa: Really? And where will you sleep?

Alicia: My room... Duh.

Lisa: Yes. With two of my siblings in there with you...

Lisa paused.

Lisa: Or I could have them sleep in the living room... That was a success last Christmas.

The doorbell rang.

Lisa: That must be them...

Lisa opened the door.

All ten of Lisa's siblings came in.

Lincoln: I know this was sudden...

Lisa: You're telling me... Didn't Ronnie Anne and Lonnie live with you, too?

Lincoln: Yes, yes. But when I told them that I wanted to reside here with you and my other sisters... Well... They went to the Casagrande bodega...

Lori: By the way... Bobby and Lucas did the same.

Lisa: Ah. How nice...

Lana: It is. Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus all volunteered to fix our houses. They said that they'll get our houses fixed tomorrow.

Lisa: So you guys DON'T have to spend the night?

Lana: Well... We still have to sleep over. But we'll be out of your hair in the morning.

Lisa: Phew. And sorry, Lola, that this house isn't to your standards...

Lola: Uh, puh-lease! My mansion was totally ruined cause of the storm.

Lola turned to Lana.

Lola: Your friends better replenish all my expensive items.

Lana: You know Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus can't afford half the junk cluttered throughout your house.

Lola: Half that "junk" was Winston's! Excuse me, miss mud for brains!

Lana and Lola began fighting.


Lola and Lana looked at Lisa.

Lola: Okay, okay. Sorry.

Lana: Yeah. Where's the mud room?

Lisa: I don't have a mud room.

Lola: Yeah... Who has a mud room?

Lana: Are you kidding me? Everyone I know has a mud room. Skippy has a mud room. Lucas has a mud room. Marcus has a mud room. Mike has a mud room. And Gus has a mud room.

Lisa: I don't care about your muddy friends. I'm saying I don't have a mud room.

Lola: And that's really disgusting, Lana.

Lana: What? I'm sorry!

Lincoln: With disgusting mud rooms aside... Let's get settled.

Luna: I could sing some jams for you.

Lisa: I prefer not to begin the day with tinnitus inducing music.

Luna: Whatever, sis. Your loss.

Lynn: Well, I'd love to do some bench press exercises. Ya have a weight room, Lis?

Lisa: No. I don't have a mud room, weight room, and before you ask, Leni... No, I don't have a mall, either.

Leni frowned.

Lisa: Look, you guys... You need to just find a place that's in THIS house to sleep.

Lucy: I call Hugh Jr's room.

Hugh Jr overheard.

Hugh Jr: Really? With all the bats?

Lisa: Don't be ridiculous, Lucy. Before the madness happened, I was about to suggest that you all should sleep in the living room. Like you did on Christmas.

Lincoln: I think we can agree on that.

Lola: Yeah! I mean, the living room's HUGE!

Luan: And speaking of Hugh... Where is he?

Lisa: No one was speaking of Hugh.

Hugh entered.

Hugh: Did I hear someone say my name?

Lisa: Uh-oh...

All of Lisa's sisters began blushing.

Lori: Bah-bah.

Leni: Bah-bah.

Luna: Bah-bah.

Luan: Bah-bah.

Lynn: Bah-bah.

Lucy: Bah-bah.

Lana: Bah-bah.

Lola: Bah-bah.

Lily: Bah-bah.

Lisa: Will you simpletons back off!? In case you didn't know... Hugh's MY husband. And Lori. You're married to Bobby now. You have no excuse.

Lori snapped out of her trance.

Lori: Oh, I'm sorry, Lisa... I can't help myself.

The other sisters snapped out of their trances.

Leni: Yeah. I'm supes sorry! Hugh's totes adorable!

Luna: And Sam might be the one I pine for, but I wish Hugh was mine!

Luan: Yeah! He's quite the catch.

Lynn: Yes. And strong, too.

Lucy: His eyes could melt a vampire's soul.

Lana: Though Hugh isn't the type I go for... He's so fine.

Lola: The muddy and dirty types Lana goes for, sure. But I see that Hugh has ultimate class. I like that.

Lily: And he's all man...

Lisa rolled her eyes while Hugh face-palmed.

Hugh: They won't do this ALL day, will they?

Lisa: I sure hope not...

Alicia: Well, it's nice that my aunts and uncle are here.

Hugh Jr: Yeah. But Dad, why must they all crush on you? It's super creepy.

Hugh: Hey! Your uncle Lincoln never crushed on me! That might be a bit odd, though.

Lincoln: Yeah... No offence, Hugh. But you're not my type.

Hugh: Phew!

Lisa: Let's just get settled in now already...

All the siblings unpacked their belongings in the living room.

As they were unpacking, Lisa looked shocked.

Lisa: I had no idea that you all brought so much stuff.

Lana: Well, this is just my GOOD garbage.

Lisa held her nose.

Lisa: Gross, Lana. Put that somewhere else.

Lola: Yeah! Preferably away from all my pageant gowns!

Lisa: You didn't need all those pageant gowns.

Lola: Yes, I do. One for every hour of the day.

Lisa face palmed.

Hours passed, and the siblings all got on Lisa's neves.

Lisa: That's it! Lana, I'm calling your friends!

Lana: No! Don't! They can't work under pressure.

Lisa: Watch me...

Lisa group called Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus.

Lisa: My siblings are driving me NUTS! FIX their houses FASTER. I'd better get a call in TWENTY MINUTES of you saying that you got their houses done!

Lisa hung up before they could answer.

Lisa: And that's how you do it.

Lana: Oh no... Lisa... Why?

Lisa: Why what? I just solved MY problem!

Lana: I told you that they can't work well under pressure!

Lisa: We'll see in a couple of minutes...

Moments later, Lisa got a group text from Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus.

It said: We fixed all of your siblings' homes. Feel free to enjoy your rest and relaxation, Lisa.

Lisa turned off her phone and smiled.

Lisa: Well. Safe to say. You can skidaddle on outta here. Now.

Lincoln: Already?

Lana: I guess Lucas, Marcus, Mike, and Gus DID listen.

Lisa: And now I get time for myself FINALLY.

The siblings all left.

Lisa crashed on the couch.

Hugh came in.

Hugh: Are they gone now?

Lisa: Oh yeah. Now it's just you and me.

Hugh: Yes! I like that.

They hugged.